Finding Art(ists) On The Block & Following Them to The Subway Station

I am pleased as punch to have a full page color plate of my work in “Art on the Block: Tracking The New York From Soho to The Bowery, Bushwick and Beyond,” by Ann Fensterstock. This groundbreaking book was just released by Palgrave Macmillan.Image

I met Ann briefly after a 04/12/12 panel discussion when I took some photographs of Capital and its Discontents: A Discussion Grows in Bushwick, moderated by James Panero. 
Fast moving feet followed me as I headed home via the Morgan Street L stop. No fear, It was Ann. Someone told her I photographed Bushwick in the ’80s so she caught up to me to say she was writing a book about the art world’s changing neighborhoods and in her polite British accent she asked, when she found a publisher, if could she talk to me about using some of my photographs. “Sure!”, I replied. We rode on the train exchanging business cards and conversation and memories of Chelsea, East Village, Bowery back then and, yes, I have photographs of those areas too. Ann and I stayed in touch.

Hot off the press: Meryl Meisler (left), Deborah Brown (right)

There’s nothing like holding physical, wonderfully written and annotated, beautifully illustrated and bound book in your hands and reading it in real time at your own pace again and again.

After all, I am a printer’s daughter.

Thank you Ann!


Meryl Ann Meisler


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